The Promotion Committee: Spreading the Word

One of our other volunteer committees is the Promotion Committee.  Parsons ON TRAC’s Promotion Committee makes sure that the city of Parsons knows what is going on in its downtown.  Members of this committee know about the changing market and they understand how Main Street must compete in order to thrive.  This committee knows about the businesses in the downtown area, what kind of development has happened in the past, and what can happen in the future.  Promotions members know what makes Parsons unique and strive to emphasize key features in the downtown to help encourage economic evolution.  They create campaigns to bring people and businesses back into the downtown, and they define ON TRAC’s image in a way that clearly demonstrates its goals and visions for the future of the city of Parsons.

Members of the Promotion Committee are communicators.  They believe in ON TRAC’s mission and work on sharing that mission with the community.  Volunteers in this committee create the unique Parsons ON TRAC brand.

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