The Design Committee: Planning, Planning, Planning

To continue our series of posts describing our committees, here is the Design Committee.  Simply put, the Design Committee understands design.  This may seem redundant, but it is the simplest way to describe what this committee does.  This is the committee whose members know what physical improvements can be made to the downtown area to make it more accessible and more active.  They look at the building blocks of the town center and see bustling streets, retail stores, restaurants, and beautiful sidewalks and store fronts.  The Design Committee spreads its knowledge of design to business owners and community members so that they can take the initiative and create their own enhanced space.  Members of the Design Committee work with business owners and community members to provide assistance in creating quality and sustainable downtown areas.

Members of the Design Committee are visionaries, but they are also practical.  They truly understand the unique characteristics of Parsons and strive to create a downtown that reflects them.

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