The Economic Restructuring Committee: Business Developement

The last of our four volunteer committees is the Economic Restructuring Committee.  This group deals with the business aspect of downtown.  Members study the economic situation of Main Street and work to improve economic activity and building utilization.  It is the job of this committee to offer incentives to encourage businesses to move into the downtown area.  They also brainstorm ways to help improve use of buildings and public space that are vacant or struggling.  The Economic Restructuring Committee monitors activity in downtown and informs ON TRAC of what is working well and what could be improved.  By helping struggling businesses, considering alternative uses for vacant buildings, and working with the other ON TRAC committees to make a plan for downtown, the Economic Restructuring Committee works to improve the economic aspects of downtown.

Members of the Economic Restructuring Committee see what Main Street could be.  They see alternate uses for old buildings and spaces.  They have a good sense for business and care deeply for ON TRAC’s overall mission.

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