The Tucker County Bank Building: Part 3

After a few more weeks of snow (what was it that groundhog said last week – winter will never end?) I have made it back into the office.  The Bank Building is still here and as historic as ever.  Here are some pictures of the interior (taken by me, so I apologize for a lack of sophisticated framing or lighting effects).  Can you see these spaces as they once were (a dentist’s office, law office, bank waiting rooms)?  The corner office directly about the entrance on the second floor has a commanding view of First Street and the courthouse.  The photos below of the courthouse, McDonald’s, and First Street were all taken through the windows of the main office on the second floor.

022 019 016011 002012 011 005

All these pictures, minus the plaque which is located on the exterior of the building by the main door, show parts of the second floor of the Bank Building.  The window stating “A deposit required on all sitting” (a pretty strict policy if you ask me) is original glass with the original decal.  The windows stacked against the wall above the staircase are also originals.   As you can see, there is a bit of work that needs to be put in to making these spaces usable again.  But, since the rooms are structurally sound, a day or two of cleaning and clearing out should be enough to make these spaces almost like new.  This building has sustained a remarkably small amount of wear and tear over the years, especially considering how long it has been in use and the floods it has survived.


The third floor of the Bank Building, besides boasting bright blue carpet, also has an incredibly well preserved pressed tin ceiling.  The dimensions of the room – its large space, tall ceilings – and the majesty of the windows make it the perfect space for gatherings and social events.  PRO and ON TRAC would like to utulize this space more.  It needs some cleaning up like the second floor (particularly after a few dead pigeons were found in it earlier this fall), but there is so much potential.

Do you have any ideas for using any of these spaces?  Want to help us clear out the rooms and see if there are any hidden treasures hidden in crevices and behind boxes?  Help us out!  ON TRAC will be sponsoring a Clean Up the Bank Building Day later this year.  All volunteers are welcome.  We will let you know when and where as we work out the details 🙂

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