Parsons Tucker Co CourthouseRevitalization Organization (PRO) is a volunteer organization whose mission is to encourage community development and the beautification of First Street and surrounding downtown Parsons by utilizing Main Street’s Four Point Approach.  PRO, a community organization that has been helping development Parsons’s downtown since 2001, has teamed up with ON TRAC in order to fully utilize resources from both the local community and the state.

ON TRAC is West Virginia’s version of the National Main Street program.  Since many of the communities in West Virginia are rural, they cannot support the structure of a full scale Main Street program like a large urban center.  But, many of the communities in West Virginia are dealing with the same kinds of problems in their downtown areas; vacant or deteriorating buildings, poor way-finding systems, and a lack of resources.  West Virginia Main Street created the ON TRAC program in 2008 to assist small towns throughout the state in their effort to revitalize their downtown areas on their terms.

In 2009, Parsons became one of the first communities in the state to support an ON TRAC program, with PRO as its major sponsor.  Now able to utilize both local, state, and national resources as available to ON TRAC communities, PRO works with the city of Parsons, business owners, and other community members to accomplish its mission.

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