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ON TRAC and Volunteer Committees

If you have read our first post and learned a little more about us from our pages and the department of commerce website, you now know a little bit about ON TRAC.  But how does it actually work?  How does this organization accomplish what it sets out to do?  ON TRAC takes a page right out of National Main Street’s book and uses Main Street’s 4-point approach and structure of volunteer committees.  Volunteers are organized into 4 groups with a variety of focuses.  Each group works on both independent and cooperative projects to make sure that all aspects of community revitalization are addressed.  Each committee tackles a different aspect of revitalization: Organization, Design, Economic Restructuring, and Promotion.

We will be adding posts about each committee and its specific goals/tasks in the near future.  Since each committee focuses on different tasks, ON TRAC needs volunteers with a wide range of skills and assets.  After reading the description of each committee (posts forthcoming), consider where you and your skill set might fit in best.

We have a blog!

As 2014 begins, we at Parsons ON TRAC would like to try spreading the word about what we do with this new blog!  We hope to use this site as a way to share information about local events, news about revitalization, community development, and more!

First of all, what is ON TRAC?  Click the “Home” and “About Parsons ON TRAC” links on the menu above our header to learn a little more about this unique program for downtown revitalization.  Also click the following link to the West Virginia Department of Commerce website: http://www.wvcommerce.org/people/communityresources/communityrevitalization/ontrac/default.aspx.  From there see what towns besides Parsons in West Virginia have an ON TRAC program, and how downtown revitalization is helping to increase tourism, historic preservation, and economic development around the state.

Second, who am I and how did I get here?  My name is Rachel Puelle, Parsons ON TRAC’s 2013-2014 AmeriCorps member.  If you would like to learn more about AmeriCorps and the corporation for national and community service, check out this website: http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps. After my graduation from the University of Connecticut with a history degree, I started in September and was trained by the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area AmeriCorps in Elkins.  While originally from New Jersey, I have roots in these mountains.  My grandparents both grew up in Preston County, and I have spent countless weeks visiting parts of Preston and Tucker counties since I was little.  I could not be more excited to work here in Parsons and have enjoyed meeting people and learning about the town!

I will do my best to keep this blog up-to-date with community news and information related to downtown revitalization.  Please feel free to visit our downtown office at 303 First Street in Parsons, give us a call at 304.478.6009, or email us at parsonsontrac@gmail.com if you have any questions.  This winter weather has done a pretty good job of making me work to stay warm, so please send me an email to check that I am in the office and not stuck at home waiting for the roads to be plowed.  I am always available through email and will try my best to be available in person!  Another place to reach me is the Parsons ON TRAC Facebook page.  I manage the page, posts, and messages, so if you are more comfortable reaching out that way, go for it!  Thanks for reading this first post and keep an eye out for more to come!